• Chloe


    The Chloe
    The Chloe is designed for woman. It is spacious enough for all your essentials and a little more.
    Featured with a zip on top, on the inside and 2 open pockets on the inside.
    Dimensions: 30L X 25H X 14W

  • Wine Bag


    Wine Bag

  • Men’s Wallet


    Men’s Wallet
    Dimensions:  22cm (L) x 9cm (H)
    Carefully made out of the finest leather: two options available with or without clip

  • Zara


    Dimensions: 32cm (L) x 30cm (H) x11cm (W)
    2 medium straps
    Zip on the inside with a divider.
    This tote bag is perfect for either business or pleasure. The perfect companion for night or day.  An elegant and sophisticated look.

  • Alice


    Dimensions: 24cm (L) x21cm (H) x7cm (W)
    Long strap
    2 zips on top and one on the front side of the bag
    The Alice is ideal for everyday use, with 3 compartments so your things don’t get mixed up and everything has its place. Not too big or to small, perfect just for you.

  • David


    Dimensions: 18cm (L) x22cm (H) x7cm (W)
    Long strap
    2 zips on the top and 1 in front of the bag.
    Featuring 3 compartments.
    This bag is designed for both men and woman. It is a great everyday bag for all your essentials. The perfect travelling companion.

  • Anje’s Purse


    20cm (L) x10cm (H) x 1.5cm (W)
    Zip at the top and also on the inside for your spare change
    With multiple compartments for all of you cards and space for your notes.
    This wallet is designed for woman. Safe and stylish

  • Baby Bag


    BABY BAG 50cm (L) x36cm (H) x15cm (W)
    2 short straps with 1 long strap
    Multiple compartments (inside and out)
    Zip on top and inside
    This is the best and only baby bag you will ever need. With multiple compartments for all your baby’s essentials on the inside and on the outside.

  • Emma


    Dimensions: 25cm (L) x 19.5cm (H) x 2cm (W)
    The perfect little bag for all your necessities, whether it may be for work or pleasure.
    Featured with a zip on top, on the outside and one on the inside.

  • Leather Care


    Leather Care

    This is by far the best leather treatment ever!

    I use it for all my leather goods and it will make your bag look brand new as well as protect it.


  • Toiletry Bag


    DIMENSIONS: 26cm (L) x15cm (H) x 8cm (W)
    Zip on top and at the back
    With waterproof lining, so if it gets wet you don’t have to stress.
    Designed for men. Simple and practical.

  • Weekender



    Dimensions:  48cm (L) x33cm (H) x20cm (W)
    2 short straps with a long strap
    Zip on top, on the front side and also on the inside with a pocket on the opposite side.
    This travel bag is amazing for a weekend away, pack everything you need and still have space for something extra. Stylish and practical.

  • Laptop Bag


    Dimensions: 36cm (L) x28cm (H) x11cm (W)
    2 short straps and 1 long strap
    Zip inside with a divider to keep everything organized
    The Laptop bag is made for both men and woman. It is stylish, not bulky and oh so beautiful.

  • Bobby Bag


    Dimensions: 31cm (L) x25cm (H) x13cm (W)
    Medium strap
    Zip on top, at the back, and in front with an inside pocket on the opposite side.
    If you love having a place for everything the Bobby will suite you perfectly. Organized and spacious.